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Better Energy Needs Partners

We operate in more than 130 countries, making us one of the world's largest international oil and gas companies.In all of our business areas, we have shown operational excellence and we are confident in our ability to maintain growth.Being our Better Energy partner allows you to benefit through:


  • Products from the world’s 4th ranked international oil & gas company that meet the highest quality standards.
  • Products with latest innovations and technology, resulting from TotalEnergies' investment in R&D and strong presence in motorsport tracks.
  • A variety of products catering to all the segments (automotive, industrial, mining, and fleet) with different specifications, including synthetic & mineral grades.
  • Received numerous OEM’s approvals.
  • Special fluids available.

Supply Chain

  • A state of the art plant based in Singapore, supplying complete range of products to meet various customers’ needs.
  • A blending plant located in Dubai, UAE that is highly flexible and responsive to customers’ needs and is reputed for being a reliable service provider of world class lubricants.
  • The plants are able to supply complete range of products to meet various needs of the customers.
  • A well spread network of distributors all across Indonesia with warehouses and stock points all across the country to facilitate product delivery regardless the location.
  • Local decanting plants providing flexibility to address customers’ different packaging needs. • Supplies in flexi bags, IBC, and also storage tanks at customer premises depending on needs.
  • A lean organization with customer service as complaint handling process owner for a more effective communication between customers and TOI
  • ISO 9001 certified.

OEM Association

  • Strong OEM associations and approval globally
  • Range of products to cater to OEM requirements

Technical Service

  • Field visits by Technical Team In-house strong technical team providing full field support
  • Help by supporting Sales team on technical queries.