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20/12/2020 News

Wash the year away this monsoon: Total Cambodge opens premium automatic european technology carwas in the kingdom

Total wash the year away this monsoon: total cambodge opens premium automatic european technology carwas in the kingdom

 Phnom Penh – TOTAL Cambodge, one of the leading international oil company in the country, has been marketing a range of petroleum products and services with fuels and lubricants will open the first fully automatic car wash service in the Kingdom.

About Total Wash

Total is renowned for owning and investing in high standard storage facilities. They also provide other essential services to many of their clienteles. In the annual customer survey conducted by Statista on behalf of TESTBILD, Wash grab the award as Best Quality Service three times in a row, for year 2017-2019 in Germany. Now Wash officially launch in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Range of services

Total Wash offers three packages: Quick wash, Standard, and Premium at an affordable price. For $3, you can avail the Quick Wash, your car will be squeaky clean within 6 minutes, while Premium package offers a complete service with inside Cleaning, Steam, Wax and Polish. Total Wash provides active foam and high-pressure cleaning to wash the years away from your car.

Asif IQBAL, the Managing Director Total Cambodge, expressed excitement for their latest venture and looks forward to a prolific business ahead. “We thank everyone for trusting Total Cambodge in terms of their car’s petroleum and lubricant needs, now, we are extending our services to them by providing the latest technology in car wash industry; the first in the Kingdom. We want our customers to have a fresh-looking car in a matter of minutes.”

“We are thrilled about introducing this new range of service to our customers in the Kingdom of Cambodia this year. We continue to make people’s lives less complicated and more enjoyable” Mr. IQBAL said.

“Rainy seasons demand more frequent washings if you hope to keep your vehicle in optimal shape. Days may be wet, and streets may be muddy, but Total's carwash would definitely wash away the years and leave your cars gleaming and clean during the monsoon.” He added.

The first 2 Wash outlets are operational on our stations at TOTAL Pochentong near Ford Company & TOTAL Chateau D'Eau near Olympic Stadium. Various promotions such as free car wash and discounts will be given to customers during the month-long launching celebration of Wash.

total Wash Contact

Media Relations: Ms. Kakada Chhay, Tel: 061 555 185 I [email protected]

About Total Cambodge

Total Cambodge has been officially operating in Cambodia since 1993. Throughout the country, Total Cambodge has been involved in marketing various petroleum products and services to its customers in both the private and public sectors. Total Cambodge offers a range of products and services, more than 100 service stations for road fuels (Gasoline and diesel) with over 47 convenience stores (Bonjour Shops), Industrial fuels, aviation fuels and lubricants. In addition, the Total Card is a convenient way to make and manage fuel purchases. Total Cambodge possesses and continues to invest in high standard storage facilities for road and aviation fuels alike. We also provide other essential services such as used oil analysis, tank installations and bulk deliveries to many of our Commercial customers.

About Total

Total is a major energy supplier, producing and marketing fuel, natural gas and low-carbon electricity. Our 100,000 employees are committed to better energy that is safer, more affordable, cleaner and accessible to as many people as possible. Active in more than 130 countries, our ambition is to become the responsible energy major.

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